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Armedica Special Needs Student / Adult Changing Tables for Adults with Disabilities ... it's our specialty!

See a video of these tables in action

Special needs kids and adults deserve to feel just like everyone else!

The ergonomically correct student / adult changing table sizes allow the student to stretch out and not feel cramped, like they would on a smaller changing table.  They feel safe, secure, and are more calm with the changing experience.  The caregiver can focus on the student or patient, reduce anxiety, and prevent caregiver injury.

Our clients have told us over and over how the convenient electric high-low operation of these tables make a huge difference for both the caregiver as well as the student / client. Optional safety rails and Hoyer lift clearance base make transfers a breeze!

Armedica's proven history of quality and benefits

We've placed these high quality changing tables in schools and care facilities all across the country.  If your school or special education program requires special needs changing tables for students or adults with disabilities, we offer the full line of Armedica electric adjustable high-low changing tables.   And, these special needs tables also qualify for ADA-qualified discounts for US purchasers, possibly saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your purchases.

We welcome purchase orders from school districts, colleges and universities, governmental agencies, government hospitals (VA, etc.), and non-profit public agencies.   See a video of these tables in action.

We even donate $50 to help those with special needs!  ... learn more