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Intersegmental Traction Tables

Chiropractic Roller Massage and Intersegmental Traction Therapy

The Armedica Quantum 400 intersegmental traction table is used worldwide as a pre- or post-spinal adjustment aid.

The rolling massage table used by chiropractors is able to perform intersegment traction in the spine that is gentle enough to aid in the removal spinal subluxations. Used as an adjunct to chiropractic manipulation to relive spinal subluxations before or after a client receives spinal adjustments, the rollers travel throughout the body lifting and separating the spinal segments, thereby improving the spaces between the spine that may have caused nerve root compression.  The Quantum 400 roller massage table includes built-in rollers that travel up and down the body, which causes muscle relaxation, as well as an additional vibration feature that even makes it a great stress-reliever.

Please note:  Federal law restricts the sale of this device to only physicians or other practitioners licensed in the state where it will be used.  We do not place these tables in residential settings.