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Industry Links

We provide a page for others in the industry to share their links to educational resources, research papers, job boards, blogs, PT, OT, ST, and DC-related physical medicine information, as well as special education and disability resources.

College Planning Guide For Students With Learning Disabilities

College Planning Guide - The tools you need to be successful in understanding the college environment for students with learning disabilities

Teacher Resources

Financial Guide - Strategies to offset inevitable out-of-pocket expenses by utilizing grants, discounts, credit card rewards, and other funding options available to educators.

In-Home Care Resources - Here are some of the best resources available for those who are seeking information related to caregiving for their specific geographic area.

Universal Changing Places

Universal Changing Places - Empowering the ability to have Adult Changing Tables in family restrooms at the following public venues: State and Government Facilities, Shopping Malls and Big Box Stores, Civic Centers, theaters, Airports, bus and train stations, School and University Campuses, Stadiums and Arenas, Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centers, City and State Parks, Museums, libraries, galleries, Parks, zoos, and amusement parks. 

Families with Disabilities

The Special Needs Child - Learn the ABCs of raising a special needs child 
The Caregiver Foundation - Your best step in the caregiver journey 
Through the Looking Glass - Serving families with disabilities since 1982.
FCSN - Federation For Children With Special Needs  
WizCase - Useful Apps for Kids with Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities  

Physical Therapy - Articles, Resources, Jobs, Schools - A world of physical therapy - jobs, forums, continuing education - Locate a PT in the USA. - Learning to Overcome Challenges Shared by Women in Physical Therapy


Mental Health Disability Rights in The Workplace - A Guide For Employees 


Caring.comAssisted Living Guide for Seniors - (Missouri)

Addiction Resources - Connecting individuals to individualized treatment while breaking down the barriers surrounding substance misuse.

Seniors Resource Guide - Senior Resources and Services for Healthy Aging
Senior Sleep Guide - A Safe Sleeping Guide for Seniors
Aging and Sleep - A comprehensive guide identifying biological, lifestyle, and health changes that impact sleep as people age.
Nursing Home Abuse Justice - Educating seniors and their loved ones on the appropriate actions they can take to help protect themselves or the people they love.
Nursing Home Abuse Center - A support resource that offers full coverage on the topic of nursing home abuse and presents simple steps to report abuse. 
Retire Guide - Your Guide to a Better Retirement - Topics: Medicare, Senior Benefits Discounts, etc.

Special Education - National Association of Special Education Teachers - The only national membership organization dedicated solely to meeting the needs of special education teachers and those preparing for the field of special education teachers.
IEP - - Understanding Individualized Education Programs (IEP) - Special Education Assessments, Therapy, Schools, Programs for Children, Teens, Young Adults.
How To Create An Effective IEP - Information from experts put in plain language focused on action steps tailored to your family.

Interesting Statistics on Caregiving - A ton of statistics about caregivers to help shed some light on what life is like in this often ignored role.  You might be surprised!

Insomnia - HealthMatch:  What you need to know about insomnia.

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